Our Approach

We take great inspiration from companies that have been at the fore front of innovation since their conception, companies that did not accept that you have to do something because it is what others did in their industries.

We are in the food industry and most of the big of companies have been using methods that are to blame for a lot of problems that we as a society face nowadays: pollution, unnecessary use of raw materials, misuse of energy and natural resources (gas and water); and more reflected on the people:  malnutrition and obesity. Yet businesses in our industry can produce food ethically, use good ingredients, employ people, and generally enrich our lives; and that is what we pursue. And it can do these good things and make a profit without losing its soul.

We just think that we are building something that our children should be proud, it is sustainable and our food would enrich their bodies and soul. We do not cut corners, we do not load our foods with sugar and salt, we do not use low quality proteins to get savings on our foods like many local industry consultant and buyers suggested to us, we do not use hydrogenated fats, and when we make decisions is not only about the cost but what other repercussions it would have on other aspects that are included in our approach to sustainability.

Sustainability Philosophy

We have decided to focus on the niche of gourmet foods and we have also decided that we will be responsible in the way we produce those foods. A business we admire in this field is Anita Roddick’s original concept for The Body Shop.

Food Production: source high quality ingredients from suppliers with a solid approach to sustainability.

Manufacturing Process: use good equipment and processes to minimize the use of energy, waste and water

Social Sustainability: produce foods that can be eaten every day and have a positive impact on the body and minds of our consumers. Support the community with direct and indirect actions. Promote a healthy working environment and incentivize our employees to participate in the community.

Despite the challenges involved in taking a consistent approach to sustainability, we've found that every time we've elected to do the right thing, it has a positive impact on the company’s overall processes. When we act positively on solving problems instead of trying to find a way around them, we're farther along the path toward sustainability.