"Baked or fried, our empanada range has options for all occasions."


Empanadas 100grs

Most popular size as of empanada. Extremely versatile it is served as a main, as a grab and go option, or as a starter. Also very popular gastro pub food.

Tapas & Starter

The perfect size to serve two empanadas as a starter or as gourmet finger food. The ideal size for a tapas portion.

Mini Empanadas

The range is also referred as two bite options. This range is ideal for the high end private & corporate catering and hotel sectors, as well as for concept menus, tapas or sides.

Foodcourt Range

Served mainly as a grab and go option for hot and cold counters. This size is most popular on foodcourts, stadiums and concerts.

Spanish Style

Perfect size of empanada to serve as a tapa. Fried or bake, this range is packed with authentic Spanish flavours.

Mexican Style

From authentic Mexican flavours such as salsa verde, chipotle, chicken tinga, mole, salsa roja, Mexican chilli, to Tex-Mex fajita spiced options.

World Flavours

We have created flavours inspired in world couisines incorporating flavours such as Korean BBQ Sauce, Jerk Sauce, and Malaysian Coconut Curry Sauce.


Our range of pies include some amazing lamb, chicken, beef and vegetarian options.

Other Services

Recipe Development

Whether you are a restaurant;  café chain, pub group; a catering business or a chain of shops, with 2, 5 or 20 outlets – we’ll work with you to develop new dishes or food products.

Exports & Logistics

We can help you with your exports and logistics requirements. Our experience in these two areas have made it possible to us to export more than 90% of what we produce. We can help you prepare your company to start identifying, approaching and seizing opportunities in other markets.


Our team has succesfully supported other food companies in expanding, preparing business plans, as well as implemented process flows and HACCP plans under Regulations 852/2004 and 853/2004.